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Peter Willson Bexleyheath Crayford Dartford London Freelance Nightclub Bar Pub Hospitality Photographer Photo 

My name is Pete and I take photos of people.


I can take a wide array of pictures from portraits to weddings, live performances and events. I have an assistant on hand for larger jobs and access to a huge arsenal of equipment and technology so I'll always have the tools needed for any occasion. With ten years of experience, you can be assured that I'll deliver a fantastic, professional result at a reasonable price.


Get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation and quote!



My expertise in the field blends perfectly well with wedding photography. Armed with an assistant, we'll work together to ensure each moment is captured perfectly. Whatever you require, we can make sure your special day is photographed beautifully to create a treasured memory that will last a lifetime.



Got an event, performance or party you would like captured? I'm on hand to capture the day and produce beautiful physical memories allowing you to put down the camera, switch off and enjoy the day (or night).



Looking to have a photoshoot done with yourself, family or friends? Perhaps you'd like to capture some stunning group photography or diversify your moddeling portfolio. I'm on hand to expertly produce beautful memories.



Need a festival, concert or performance captured? I'm armed with a wide array of fantastic equipment allowing me to capture any performance no matter how large or small. I've had the pleasure of shooting large acts such as James Blunt, The Human League, Rebecca Furgeson amongst others and can capture the moment, no matter how big or small. 



My introduction to photography was shooting food and drink for a wide range of hospitality venues. I've since moved on to a wider array of products and a variety of buisnesses and can delivery an extremely professional range of pictures for your brand.



I've had the pleasure of carrying out some incredibly wierd and wild photoshoots over the years. Whatever your requirements, if it's something that matches my skillset then get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

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